BFF Presents Stars & Watercarriers

It was a muggy New York City night, and people were quickly filling every inch of a small church in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It was a sold out show with every seat occupied by the time the lights began to dim. BFF Founder and Organizer, Brendt Barbur was dressed in all white while fulfilling his duties as host, ensuring everyone felt welcome. Mandy was the first person I recognized walking into the church. For those that don’t know, Mandy is one of the driving forces behind the Bicycle Film Festival, like a pro she told me she is the first to arrive and the last to leave.

As I looked around more familiar faces started to appear. Shoutout to Crihs, James, Brean, Ashley, and the great Karen Overton. Short claimer I Jason owe everything I have done so far in the bike community to Karen and Ramelle Anderson at Recycle A Bike. Five years ago I walked into the shop in Queens with a women’s Peugeot road frame and was laughed at in a good way when I told them I wanted to turn it into a track bike. (Check out Cat6chismes podcast Jason and Gabe for more of this story)

It was show time as the Pace Brothers from the band, Blonde Redhead started to play. This was the third in a trilogy of Jorgen Leth films the brothers have re-scored for the festival. STARS AND WATERCARRIERS chronicles the 1973 Giro d’Italia. (Tour of Italy)

This was my first time ever watching a live band provide the soundtrack to a film. What an experience, the band definitely set the tone and the movie gave you the visual pleasure. It was really cool to see these men from back in the day race on what would be entry level parts for us today. Wool jerseys, friction shifters, caged pedals, and not to mention no carbon at all.

This was definitely one of my favorite cycling events I have ever attended and can only thank the wonderful people involved at BFF. You have another chance to catch it tonight. Head over to 129 Russell street at 8pm and tell them Cat6 sent you!