Resistance Racing: Tracklocross Nationals NYC


Soft Drink here with a recap for the second and third tracklocross national races in the New York City. Sorry this took so long pero you know how it goes. Life gets in the way, so it can be hard to find free time to get behind the keyboard and scribble the happs.

It’s a Queens Ting Baby

As most of you know we at Cat 6 have close ties to Queens. Our podcast was born in Queens and is still recorded here to this day. So it was special to have all three races in the series go down in our backyard. My backyard in particular since I’m a Queens resident myself, as is race organizer James Macay. After the first race in Kissena Park, the second was at my personal “training ground” Cunningham Park, wrapping up at some uncharted territory in Forrest Park.

The conditions varied for each race as the series was held over the course of spring. We had a nor’easter right before the first one so there was snow, but race day ended up being pretty warm which made for a slush party in the mud. I think the weather played a huge role in the turnout for the second race. I knew I was going regardless but the forecast said rain all the way up to race day, then it ended up holding out and being perfect. The final race was on a super hot and humid day. It’s all a part of living in the city, you have to love it.

My Dojo

Home field advantage.
James, Cesar and Mario made the course happen once again on the strength.

When I tell you that Cunningham is my “training ground” I mean, it’s my sanctuary, my dojo, my temple.

“Meditation” Photo by Robert Lai

It’s where I go to exorcise my water element. Flowing through the single track taking in the sounds of nature at what feels like a million miles per second.

Photo by Robert Lai

So you already know when I found out that was where the second race was going to be, I was hype.

“Follow the track bike.”

I’ll keep it short, 6 people raced, 1 DNF and one DNP (Mario a sav for that lol) so technically only 4 people made it to the finish line.


By this time all my people we already gassing it extra so I had no choice but to put on. Mans freaked it and took the W.

Photo by Robert Lai
I don’t remember who I handed my phone to take this pic, but shout out to them.

Wound Up in the Final

I’ve been keeping an eye out for a 1-1/8″ canti Wound Up for mad long. It’s one of those timeless bicycle parts, like Profile Racing cranks or Chris King headsets. I’ve been racing my commuter which is a first gen Cinelli x Mash Work. The rake on the fork is less than ideal for cx racing to say the least. Young Lion had an Easton Ec70 that he shot me for the low, so I was swapping out my fork before races. Shit was pretty sketchy. You could see where the carbon was starting to separate from the aluminum at the crown.

Fast forward to a week before the race and mans pulls up and hands me the holy grail. Then mans said, “Go put that shit to work and roast these fools!” So that’s what I did.

Issa Body

It was a muggy day out in Forrest Park but the usual suspects pulled up ready to get it poppin’ on this gnarly course.

Close to far: Ryan, Henry, Crihs, me. Corey. Photo by Khaleeq Alfred

It had a long decent that was covered with loose tennis and golf ball sized rocks, which led you to a log you had to cross.

Photo by Khaleeq Alfred

After crossing the log you basically had to dismount because the next decent was short, steep, and led straight into two sets of train tracks that you had to run across. Followed by a climb that was also not rideable. Eight laps of track bike boot camp.

Creeping up on Corey while mobbing down the loose earth chicane. Photo by Khaleeq Alfred

The gas station from my people opened up again before race day. Which I guess at this point isn’t really gassing it if I swept the series right? Either way I was getting stressed. Once I seen the trophy that Dagga created for the series champion I was obsessed.

All the feels. Photo by Khaleeq Alfred

I just wanted the trophy, mission accomplished.

Photo by Khaleeq Alfred
Savage in a bandage

Dominican Crihs pulled up after having suffered a nasty crash while racing in Greece. The race started with a le mans start and dude was out here hobbling around. It must have not been a big deal to him because in his words, “Not the best turn out, but I didn’t let @coreythecourier beat me. So that’s a win in my book.”

Photo by Khaleeq Alfred

That shit had me dying. I always think that the old school race banter is hilarious, I mean, I produce a podcast called Cat 6 Chismes. I have to love it!

2018 Tracklocross NYC Champion

It’s a bandit race, and the title may not have any prestige right now but it will. The folks over at Resistance Racing have started something special, and with the rising popularity of gravel and off-road cycling I imagine this series will only grow. I heard something about an international championship next year!?

Photo by Khaleeq Alfred


Whole Crew

The whole Cat 6 Chismes crew has been waiting for Track or Die NYC to purchase my flight out to Minneapolis for the finals. Time keeps on ticking and the price keeps going up. If it doesn’t go down, at least I got this bad ass trophy and rad memories out of the whole thing. But if it does go down, just know that we’re pulling up, so you better have a Cat 6 Chismes story ready for us!